The Swiss Army Knife turns 125

125 years ago, Karl Elsener didn’t just an invent the Swiss Army Knife – he invented an attitude. Our little red pocket knife has since become an icon, but still represents an attitude of adventure, of pursuing what you love, of being open to new things. We are celebrating the 125th anniversary of this icon with a limited edition replica of the 1897 original. We have made 9,999 pieces which are now available worldwide.
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125 years of following dreams

Karl Elsener patented the original Officer's and Sports Knife 125 years ago. A cause for celebration – this was the pocket knife that is now known all around the world as the Swiss Army Knife.

125 years of being curious

Our pocket knife has inspired millions of people to answer the call for adventures both large and small. To discover and live in nature, to fix things themselves, to create art and everyday objects. And Karl Elsener continues to inspire all kinds of people, all around the globe. Because he invented more than a knife – he invented an attitude towards life.

125 years of discovering new skills

We are celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Swiss Army Knife with the Replica 1897. To honor the past, to look towards the future, for the next generation. And in anticipation of all that’s possible in the next 125 years.​​​​​​​​​​​

Replica 1897 Limited Edition
Launch date: June 10th, 2022

Our heritage combined with the latest technology

We have only been able to grow because of our employees and customers around the world. This replica is our way of saying thank you to everyone, to our fans and to our collectors.

The Replica 1897 Limited Edition is the re-creation of the original Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife.

It’s a one-of-a-kind collectible that includes the details and style of the historical version, enhanced by today’s state-of-the-art technology.
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Stories from Fans and Collectors

What’s your story?

When did you discover the Swiss Army Knife – and how? Tell us the ways the Swiss Army Knife has affected your journey through life. And we’ll post them on our website.

To get you inspired, here are stories that have already made their way to us from fans and collectors.
The pocket knife inspires us
All our products contain the DNA of the Swiss Army Knife. Karl Elsener took army specifications and fine-tuned them. We have continued ever since, creating iconic products that are recognized all around the world. This makes us the experts, and our products unique.

Our company values are reflected in our products. They are high-quality, multifunctional, innovative and iconic. They are carefully developed to deliver the adventure we promise to our consumers – every day.
A star for your kitchen
Time having fun is never wasted
​​​​​​​ We believe we should always be open to new things. To go after what you’re passionate about. That you should take full advantage of every minute you can. To create something meaningful. And just for fun. This is an attitude that’s reflected in all of our products.
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