25 Jul 2022

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Victorinox launches Carving Knife Damast

The Carving Knife Damast Limited Edition 2022 is made of the famous Damasteel® integral to the brand’s history. Part of the Victorinox household knives ranges, this high-quality chef’s tool follows on from the success of the two Damast Limited Editions in 2020 and 2021. It is limited to a symbolic number of 1884, the founding year of Victorinox.

A highly functional eye-catcher, this new tool represents ancient craftsmanship. Its blade is made from Damasteel®, produced in layers for incredible toughness. With its lively pattern called Thor™, the Damasteel® used for this knife cleverly combines corrosion resistance and superior strength. The knife’s precision edges enable effortless slicing and clean cuts with the finest cutting surfaces. This is truly the ultimate kitchen tool for easy slicing and dicing of meats, fish, herbs, vegetables or fruits.

The Swiss Modern Carving Knife is the perfect instrument for amateur and professional chefs alike. Each knife is genuinely unique thanks to its handle made of European walnut wood, endowed with a rich grain and dark brown color. Unbelievably warm to the touch, the ergonomically formed handle gives mankind’s oldest and most important tool a contemporary and comfortable feel.

Damascus steel has enjoyed a very popular role in the history of Victorinox. For many years, limited editions of the Swiss Army Knife have been produced using different kinds of this fine material, now employed for the third time in a Victorinox household knife.

Damasteel® takes the traditional forging process of Damascus steel to the next level by using powder metallurgical steel manufacturing. This is a modern way to improve and refine the old tradition with the benefit of less impurities and far less inclusions compared to traditional Damascus steel. Damasteel® also provides increased toughness and edge retention compared to conventionally made steels. Then as now, the crowning highlight in the production of a Damascus steel blade is the finish. With careful grinding, polishing and etching, the unique and characteristic patterns are revealed, thereby providing a glimpse into the soul of the steel.

Handcrafted in Switzerland, the Swiss Modern Collection is one of the brand’s innovative knife collec-tions, consisting of a total of seven exclusive kitchen knives and a carving fork. Besides the wood collection, the kitchen tools are also available with synthetic handles.

The new Swiss Modern Carving Knife Damast joins the collection as testimony to the brand’s longstanding expertise as one of the world’s leading knife manufacturers. It combines strength, elegance and high-performance functionality. Limited to 1,884 knives, each piece is engraved with the year and sequential numbering on the back of the handle and comes with a certificate in a valuable gift box.

The Swiss Modern Carving Knife Damast Limited Edition 2022 can be purchased in specialty shops, in Victorinox stores and online. Victorinox guarantees all knives and tools to be of first-class stainless steel. Since environmental protection and sustainability are part of the Victorinox DNA, their products are made for life. Each item has a lifetime warranty against any defects in material and workmanship. Victorinox prides itself on more than 135 years of experience in the manufacturing of high-quality knives in Switzerland.

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