07 Nov 2022

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A highly desirable cherry on top: Victorinox launches Classic Brilliant Collection

The new Classic Brilliant Collection is the cherry on top of the Victorinox Classic Collection of small pocket knives. Crystal, Damast, and Carbon scales bring sparkle, elegance, and glamour to these popular and treasured tools. Each top-of-the-range item comes with a certificate and Cross&Shield charm housed in a stunning gift box.

These remarkable knives are created for equally remarkable use. Imagine a woman in a glistening evening dress at a gala event. Can you guess the contents of her matching clutch bag? Next to her cellphone, credit card and lipstick, her Classic Brilliant Crystal pocket knife is ready for use. At the same time, a man discreetly carries his Classic Brilliant Carbon in the pocket of his stylish dark suit, whilst the discerning collector tucks his ever-present Classic Brilliant Damast into his top pocket. From now on, a pocket knife is not just a necessary everyday tool, but a mark of distinguished elegance.

This premium collection convinces not only with its exclusive looks, but also with its unique and high-grade scale materials. For the sparkling Crystal version, high-quality crystals are used to obtain the luxurious glittering look. The Damast version is made from Damasteel® consisting of 333 layers in a unique pattern called “Odin Heim” with a hardness grade of 60 HRC. The Carbon model is crafted with very lightweight carbon fiber, a durable high-tech material made from organic polymers.

But even though looks are important, what also count are the inner values. With five practical functions, Classic Brilliant Collection knives are perfect and refined everyday companions. As a special treat, each knife comes with a Cross&Shield charm underlining the brand's Swiss DNA. Presented with a certificate in a special gift box, it makes a perfect gift for both others and oneself.

Victorinox guarantees all knives and tools to be of first-class stainless steel. Since environmental protection and sustainability are part of the Victorinox DNA, their products are made for life. Each item has a lifetime guarantee against any defects in material and workmanship. Victorinox prides itself on more than 135 years of experience in the manufacturing of high-quality knives in Switzerland.

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