18 Oct 2021

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First Snow: Embrace the moment with the cocooning new Victorinox fragrance

The new Victorinox scent First Snow is soft and gentle like snowflakes on the skin. Part of the Victorinox Signature Collection, it complements the female fragrances by adding comfortingly clean yet warm olfactive notes. Its wearer has the beautiful sensation of being wrapped in a cashmere blanket during the cold time of the year.

Inspired by the stillness of the first snowflakes, First Snow characterizes a moment that is tranquil yet full of promise. Redolent of a Swiss snowscape in the evening light, it is an invitation to enter a peaceful winter scene, to relax inside with a warm cup of tea, whilst outside delicate snowflakes are dancing in the wind.

​​​​​​First Snow makes its fragrant debut with clean notes of sparkling white tea interwoven with icy fresh accents of eucalyptus. A rich vanilla bio infusion and a delicate orange flower absolute are revealed at its soft, sensuous heart. As it dries down, a sensual full-bodied base of creamy white musk and tonka bean enigmatically lingers. This delicate fragrance envelopes its wearer with smooth, fluffy textures and a touch of powderiness, enriched with a soft luminosity and a certain addictiveness.

In turbulent and uncertain times, it is more important than ever to find ways to escape through the senses and the mind. The sense of smell has the power to influence its wearer’s mood, recall her memories and let her escape to faraway places. First Snow takes her on a journey to Switzerland’s stunning snow-covered landscapes where she discovers the olfactory essence of one of nature’s most magical moments: the first snowflakes falling from the sky. She cocoons herself in sublime sensuality by taking a mindful pause and embracing a moment of serenity.

Created by Ane Ayo of Firmenich, one of the leading global fragrance houses, the scent represents the mindset of the Victorinox Signature Collection for women who enjoy the beauty of nature. Since Ane’s personality is a beautiful mix of European cultures, her home can be wherever the heart is. After her childhood in Spain, she studied in the United Kingdom, lived in Germany and has been working for many years in France. This multiculturalism taught her to draw inspiration from what the world offers. For Ane, perfumery is above all a profession of trust and sharing, as well as a passion which allows her to express her aestheticism and her personality whilst opening new doors to the world around her. Asked about her opinion on what makes a good fragrance she simply states: “I believe a good fragrance is one that you recognize instantly and one that you remember forever”.

The design is clean and pure, inspired by nature. The combination of the round-shaped glass flacon and the milky transparent juice embodies the sublime wintery character of the scent. The folding box shows a photograph of a landscape with snow-covered branches and warm sunlight. It perfectly expresses the perfume’s contrast between icy freshness & warmth. As for all fragrances of the Victorinox Signature Collection, the bottom of the flacon is colored in Victorinox red representing the iconic and exclusive DNA of the brand.

​​​​​​​ Victorinox First Snow is of natural origin, vegan and available as an Eau de Toilette of 100ml. All Victorinox fragrances are Swiss made, from product development to production, using high-quality ingredients. They are available in Victorinox stores and online shop, and in selected perfumeries worldwide. Please find the nearest store here

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