11 Apr 2022

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Victorinox Wood: Reconnect, naturally

The new Victorinox scent Wood is a powerful fusion of rich woody and vibrant fruity notes. Part of the Victorinox Signature Collection, it complements the men’s fragrances by adding the unpolished and authentic intensity of wood. Inspired by the Swiss forests, this sustainable scent is an invitation to reconnect with nature and enjoy a little escapism.

Victorinox Wood is a scent for the man who leads an urban lifestyle full of daily challenges. A walk in the woods brings him balance, inspiration, and energy. His spirit is awakened by light flooding through the fresh green leaves of the treetops. The forest provides the space and the grounding that he seeks to counterbalance his demanding day-to-day activities. It allows him to reconnect naturally with life’s essentials.

Bright and luminous notes of fresh lemon essence sparkle upon the initial spray of the fragrance and mingle with invigorating clary sage. At its intense and enveloping heart, warm and earthy notes of Swiss walnut wood accord and upcycled cedarwood add an elemental green vibrancy with balsamic undertones. On the dry-down, sensual and verdant notes of tree moss absolute and deep creamy benzoin resin leave a trail of intrepid natural strength.

Created by Marypierre Julien and Yann Vasnier of Givaudan, one of the leading global fragrance houses, the scent combines Marrypierre’s signature style of brightness and energy and Yann’s sophisticated modern take on fragrance which is innovative and forward-thinking – as Wood perfectly demonstrates.

Wood is a distinctive and elemental fragrance, hence the themes of nature and purity are reflected in the clean, fluid lines of the square flacon crowned with a silver-grey cap. Like all fragrances in the Vic-torinox Signature Collection, the bottom of the flacon is colored in Victorinox red representing the icon-ic and exclusive DNA of the brand. The color of the fragrance itself is visible through the glass flacon: a warm and sensual golden color reminiscent of freshly carved wood. The folding box represents the texture and grains inherent in Swiss walnut wood. Its light and dark shading mimics the appearance of bright sunshine on rich and sultry wood.

For the development of Wood, an innovative and sustainable process has been employed. Inspired by the beauty of nature, it offers the perfect synergy of nature and science. Headspace Technology cap-tures the fragrance molecules present in the air surrounding a plant, flower, or botanical. These mole-cules are then combined using the most sensitive and pioneering analytical equipment to effectively reproduce the natural scent, while keeping the precious plants, flowers, and botanicals completely in-tact. Developed by leading international perfume houses, Headspace Technology offers a sustaina-ble, eco-friendly alternative to traditional fragrance extraction.

For the woody note, Victorinox sourced Swiss Walnut Wood from a local wood processing factory. Givaudan then captured the wood’s fragrance molecules with their Headspace Technology to rebuild the smell and to obtain the so-called Swiss Walnut Wood accord without wasting any valuable natural resources.

Moreover, the fragrance uses upcycled cedarwood, is vegan and cruelty-free. It comes as an Eau de Toilette of 100ml. All Victorinox fragrances are Swiss made, from product development to production, using high-quality ingredients. They are available in Victorinox stores and online shop, and in selected perfumeries worldwide. Please find the nearest store here.

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