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ISI Young Statisticians Committee

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Chairperson, Management Committee

Paulo Canas Rodrigues (Chairperson,), Center for Applied Statistics and Data Analytics, University of Tampere, Finland
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researches High-dimensional data modeling, time series, robust statistics, big data and visualization, applications to plant sciences,
genetics, finances and environmental sciences.


Members, Management Committee
Members (up to 10 people considering ISI Associations and geographical diversity; ISI members):

james.baglin   James Baglin (Australia; IASE representative), School of Science, Mathematical Sciences, RMIT University, Melbourne Australia
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researches Statistics education, educational technology, data visualisation, applied biostatistics, sport statistics, and psychometrics.
bibhas.chakraborty   Bibhas Chakraborty (Singapore/India/US), Centre for Quantitative Medicine, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore
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researches Statistical methods to personalized medicine, clinical trial designs, bootstrap methods, statistical machine learning and
data mining, and mobile health interventions.
C.Constantinescu   Corina Constantinescu-Loeffen (UK; BS representative), Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool, UK
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researches Mathematical risk theory, actuarial mathematics, risk analysis, and ruin and extremes (RARE).

Claire Gormley (Ireland), School of Mathematics & Statistics, University College Dublin, Ireland
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researches Development of novel statistical methods to solve applied problems in epigenomics, metabolomics, genomics,
social science, sports science and political science.

tamanna   Tamanna Howlader (Bangladesh), Institute of Statistical Research and Training (ISRT), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
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researches  Statistical image processing, multivariate data analysis, genetic epidemiology, and survival analysis.
francesca.ieva   Francesca Ieva (Italy), Department of Mathematics, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
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researches  Multi state modelling, survival analysis, depth measures, functional data analysis, mixed effects models and
bayesian hierarchical models, bayesian nonparametrics, and network analysis.
gwaithiramathenge   Gloria W. Mathenge (Kenya), Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya
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researches Qualitative methodology, qualitative research, and data analysis.
timo.schmid   Timo Schmid (Germany; IASS representative), Institute for Statistics and Econometrics, Free University of Berlin, Germany
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researches  Computational statistics, poverty mapping, small area estimation, spatial and spatio-temporal statistics, survey statistics,
and statistical modelling.
ashojaie   Ali Shojaie (Iran/USA), Department of Biostatistics, University of Washington, USA
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researches  Analysis of large, complex systems, particularly biological and social systems, high-dimensional networks analysis, and
statistical machine learning methods.
hmwu   Han-Ming Wu (Hank) (Taiwan; IASC representative), Department of Statistics, National Taipei University, Taiwan
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researches microarray data analysis, data visualization, dimension reduction, Java and R, manifold learning, symbolic data analysis.


Advisory Committee


Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva (President, ISI), Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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researches  Sampling, modeling, data analysis and applied statistics.

baileraj   John Bailer (Vice President, ISI), Department of Statistics, Miami University, USA
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researches  Design and analysis of environmental toxicology studies and occupational health studies, quantitative risk estimation,
gerontological data analysis, statistical education for data visualization and consulting, and promoting quantitative literacy.

Helen MacGillivray (President-elect, ISI), Mathematical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
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researches  Statistical education, mathematical education, distributional families and applications, distributional shape characteristics,
and tertiary teaching and learning.


Vijay Nair (Past President, ISI), Department of Statistics, University of Michigan
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researches  Statistics in engineering, network tomography, spatial modeling, quality and productivity improvement, reliability and
risk analysis, robust design for variation reduction, process monitoring.


Supporting Network

 The YS-ISI Regional/Country representatives of the ISI-YS Special Interest Group serve as liaisons with members of the network from the region/country. They should become members of ISI/ISI Association and "report to" the ISI-YS Committee.


bullets keep track of contact information and recruit new members to the network
bullets discuss and compile needs at country or regional level
bullets identify opportunities for activities that will benefit the region/country
bullets take the lead and initiative to organized ISI-YS workshops/short courses, sessions in local conferences and/or webinars, when the activities are held at their country, etc.