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ISI Young Statisticians Committee

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Chairperson, Management Committee (2019~2021)
Mara Sherlin D. Talento  

Mara Sherlin D. Talento (Philippines), University of the Philippines Los BaƱos
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researches Computational Statistics, Time Series, categorical data analysis, survey.


Members, Management Committee (2019~2021)
Members (up to 10 people considering ISI Associations and geographical diversity; ISI members):

 Milica Maricic   Milica Maricic (Serbia, IAOS representative), Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade
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researches Composite indicators, Rankings, Multivariate analysis, SEM analysis.
 Jacque Bon Isaac Aboy   Jacque Bon-Isaac Aboy (Philippines, IASE representative), University of the Philippines Cebu
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researches Time series analysis, financial econometrics, portfolio management.
 Suryo Adi Rakhmawan   Suryo Adi Rakhmawan (Indonesia; ISBIS representative), BPS-Statistics Indonesia
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researches Youth Development, Indexing, Statistical literacy, Social and Demography Statistics..
 Peter Ogunyinka  

Peter Ogunyinka (Nigeria, IASS representative), Department of Mathematical Sciences, Olabisi Onabanjo University
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researches Survey Statistics, Data Analysis, R.

 Ezra Gayawan   Ezra Gayawan (Nigeria), Department of Statistics, Federal University of Technology, Akure
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researches Spatial Statistics, Biostatistics, Environmental Statistics, Statistical Demography.
 Zhi Lin Chong   Zhi Lin Chong (Malaysia), Universiti Sains Malaysia
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researches Statistical Process Control and Nonparametric Control Chart.


Advisory Committee (2019~2021)

baileraj   John Bailer (President ISI), Department of Statistics, Miami University, USA
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researches  Design and analysis of environmental toxicology studies and occupational health studies, quantitative risk estimation,
gerontological data analysis, statistical education for data visualization and consulting, and promoting quantitative literacy.
h.macgillivray   Helen MacGillivray (Past President, ISI), Mathematical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
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researches  Statistical education, mathematical education, distributional families and applications, distributional shape characteristics,
and tertiary teaching and learning.


Past Chairperson, Management Committee

  • Han-Ming Wu (Hank) (2017~2019)
  • Paulo Canas Rodrigues (~2017)

Past Members, Management Committee

  • James Baglin, Bibhas Chakraborty, Corina Constantinescu-Loeffen, Claire Gormley, Francesca Ieva, Gloria W. Mathenge, Timo Schmid, Ali Shojaie (2017~2019)

Past Members, Advisory Committee

  • Vijay Nair, Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva (~2017)