YS Around The World

Other Young Statisticians' Groups Around the World

bullets ASA Student Chapters

bullets Young Statisticians Netherlands

bullets Young Statisticans in Statistical Society of Australia Inc. (SSAI)

bullets Young Statisticians Section Of The Royal Statistical Society

bullets Young Statisticians, The New Zealand Statistical Association (NZSA)

bullets The Young Statisticians (YS) Division of the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research (VvS+OR)

bullets The Young Statistician’s group in the ISBIS

bullets Young Section of the Italian Statistical Society

bullets Young Statisticians and Probabilist of The French Society of Statistics's (SFdS)

bullets The Young Statisticians Group in IASC (YSG-IASC)

bullets  ISIbalo African Young Statisticians

bullets  The West Africa Young Statisticians Association (WAYSA)