Rope is a bundle of fibers or strands that are twisted or braided together into a thicker, stronger form. Rope can be constructed of any long fibrous material, but is usually composed of certain natural or synthetic fibers.

Because of its construction, rope has a lot of tensile strength not found in individual fibers or even smaller, similarly formed materials like string or twine. Its tensile strength depends on the fibers used for fabrication and can range any from tens to thousands of pounds.

Rope is routinely used to lift or drag heavy objects. It is also used for construction, masonry, plumbing and other general-purpose layout projects.

Poly-Pull Series Image
  • Self-Lubricated Polyolefin Line Lasts for Years; Will Not Rust, Rot or Mildew
  • Blow Directly into Conduit Using Dial-A-Line Seal-Off Bodies
  • Super High Strength up to 500 lbs Breaking Strength
  • Center-Dispensing Box Pays out Line Smoothly
Heavy Duty Bulk Nylon Line Series Image
  • Use with line carriers for any size conduit
  • All packages are center-dispensing
Doubles as general-purpose line for layout of suspended ceilings, plumb-lines and masonry construction.
Poly-Pro General Purpose Series Image
  • Resistant to Mildew, Rot and Chemical Action
Strong, durable, lightweight polypropylene general purpose rope for manual wire pulling and general construction applications (barrier ropes, tie downs, tow rope, etc.).
Super Tuff-Pull Series Image
  • Low Stretch, High Strength Characteristics Result from Exclusive Manufacturing Process Which Carefully Controls Yarn Tension During Braiding
  • Torque-Free, Non-Rotating, Non-Kinking Performance Due to Double-Braided Construction for Ease of Handling - Wet or Dry
  • The 3/4" Diameter Rope Includes a Factory-Spliced Eye on Both Ends
  • Weather Resistant - Will Not Rot or Mildew
  • Super Abrasion Resistance for Longer Life
The toughest, strongest pulling rope available. Double-braided 100% polyester construction, delivers the highest working loads and tensile strength at every diameter.
Tuff-Pull Series Image
  • Non-Rotating, Non-Kinking Performance Due to Braided Construction (Unlike Ordinary Twisted Rope) Makes Handling Easy
  • Low Stretch, High Strength Characteristics Result from Tension-Controlled Braiding Process
  • The 3/4" Diameter Rope Includes a Factory-Spliced Eye on Both Ends
  • Weather-Resistant - Will Not Rot or Mildew
Toughest, strongest single-braided rope available. Constructed of 12 strands of 100% polyester fibers braided over and under each other in a circular pattern.
Pro-Pull Series Image
  • Low-Friction Polypropylene Rope Slides Easily Through Conduit
  • Non-Sliver Surface Can Be Handled without Gloves
  • Rugged, Lightweight Construction
  • Will Not Rot or Mildew
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