17 Oct 2022

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The Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Red Edition

With the introduction of the Swiss Army Classic Red Edition, Victorinox redefines its best-selling men’s fragrance Swiss Army Classic that has blazed a trail for decades. Flanking the Swiss Army Classic in team formation, this scent is a captivating new member to the Victorinox Heritage Collection. A dynamic kick of wild berries announces the strong, convincing accord, epitomizing the iconic brand’s DNA – confident in red and undeniably Swiss.

Emboldening, empowering and redolent of action, the Classic Red Edition galvanizes the wearer to live a spirited, vibrant life in the fast lane that embraces and conquers challenge and change. It is a scent for the determined man with an authentic personality and a certain appreciation of nature. He is looking for an intriguing scent to suit his independent and outgoing lifestyle. This energetic fragrance will accompany him wherever he goes and whatever he does.

The Swiss Army Classic Red Edition succinctly reverts to its distinctive and aromatic-fresh olfactory roots inherited from the legendary Swiss Army Classic scent. With a fruity-red hook it marks a progres-sive evolution that further defies convention – and redefines what it means to be a true classic.

Crisp, invigorating notes of ripe red apple and juicy wild berries lend the fragrance an opening of sharp intensity. At its fresh yet grounding heart, restorative notes of lavender are perfectly counterbal-anced with energizing mint. On the dry-down, spicy and resinous incense essence and earthy vetiver leave a firm presence and allude to strength. Created by the perfumer and young talent Coralie Spicher of Firmenich, one of the leading global fra-grance houses, the scent represents her curious and playful nature. Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Coralie may have also brought that extra touch of Swissness into this vibrant Swiss Army Classic flanker. Coralie finds inspiration in the everyday: places, people, architecture, art, food and experiences: “I enjoy watching people and their culture – the way they cook, dress and speak, and their values.” She is particularly interested in emotions and translates them into all her olfactive creations: “I find emotional experiences interesting, enriching and precious in helping me create fragrances that touch people's lives.” She loves to explore new territories in fragrance, imbuing all her blends with strength and sensitivity. Swiss Army Classic Red Edition is exemplary of this ethos.

​​​​​​Paying aesthetic tribute to Victorinox, the Classic Red Edition packaging fuses the brand’s iconic red color with an elegant silver hue emanating from the Swiss Army Classic. Reflecting its sophistication and confident spirit, it is a study in clean lines and color blocking. The distinguished shape of the flacon echoes the strength and energy intrinsic to the fragrance it holds within. To crown the tribute, the perfume cap and box feature the well-known “Alox” pattern from the famous Swiss Army Knives.

The Classic Red Edition is vegan and cruelty-free and comes as an Eau de Toilette of 100ml. All Victorinox fragrances are Swiss made, from product development to production, using high-quality ingredients. They are available in Victorinox stores and online shop, and in selected perfumeries worldwide. Please find the nearest store here.

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